River City Flooring offers all the services you need to install your new flooring or countertops. We have licensed and insured installers who have years of experience and whom we trust. This is important to you because it ensures your product is installed properly retaining its warranty and that you are protected from any mishaps.

Our Commercial Department has the ability to move your furniture, tear down your systems, remove and replace your flooring and put your furniture back together and in place for you.  If you are looking at a carpet tile option, we have the ability to lift your systems furniture with our special team and equipment, remove and replace your carpet tiles, and get you back in business. And in all of our Departments we offer a no-strings-attached estimate.

Our Design Studio has skilled designers and oodles of current samples to browse through. We have staff with a variety of deign and building backgrounds who all bring a unique perspective to your design experience. We can help you make your way through all of the beautiful, fun products to pick out what would make your home truly unique and a reflection of you. Flooring, backsplashes, countertops, and paint colors. In one stop you can pick it all out! Click here for our Design Studio.
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