Products -- Resilient

Resilient flooring refers to hard surface but not wood or tile. Think sheet vinyl, like we used to see in our homes of childhood. Although today's sheet vinyl is much more "resilient" than it used to be. Changes in manufacturing have made for a much better product and patterns. Think also of laminate flooring, the wood or tile look flooring that you lock together, called a floating floor. This type of floor can be installed over minor imperfections and has a great look and feel while typically being less expensive than wood or tile. There's also luxury vinyl tile. A newer product that combines the durability and stability of vinyl and the look of a wood or a tile. It's a pretty great look for the money. There are lots of options under resilient flooring, take a look at some of the manufacturer's websites to get an idea of the offerings!

  Armstrong Sheet Vinyl
  Amtico® Tile
  Azrock Solid Vinyl Tile
  Bruce Laminate Flooring
  Columbia Laminate Flooring
  Congoleum® Vinyl Flooring
  Formica® Laminate Flooring
  Mannington Vinyl Flooring
  Nora Rubber Flooring
  Shaw Laminate Flooring
  Tarkett Laminate Flooring
  Toli Flooring